25th Anniversary Celebration Merchandise

The 25th year of Section NE-4B is upon us!

To celebrate the section has made some collectors items available only through this pre-order form. All items may be purchased until January 31st, 2022 by filling out this form.To order contact Associate Section Advisor Adam Hoffman via Adam.Hoffman@scouting.org. Once an order is placed, orders will be confirmed via email or phone.


As per the change from Project Magellan we will be transitioning into a new time and identifier as a section. As such our ACT conference will be the last event hosted by Section NE-4B, as we will be transitioning to our new E12 identifier at the COC meeting that will conclude training on that Saturday.
If you want to join us for this historic event please fill out the registration form:
This event is free of cost as we seek to enable and empower lodge leaders across our section to THRIVE as we move into this new era of our Order. If your a lodge or chapter leader this is a great opportunity for you to come out and share ideas with lodge and chapter leaders from across the section, and created ACTion plans to help all levels of the OA not just survive but THRIVE.
The Section trading post will be open and we will have the LAST Section NE4B event patch available at this event. Hope to see you there.
-Alex Bradley | Section Chief

Section NE-4B is home to many of the Northeast Region’s Strongest and most well represented lodges. With the dedication and spirit of its members, the lodges of NE-4B will continue serving scouting in Southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland for years to come.

Section NE-4B OAHA Scholarships

Are you interested in attending one of the 4 National High Adventure Bases of the Boy Scouts of America, but you don’t have the finances to go on a one week trek with your Council. Don’t fret because the Section has a scholarship to help you out. Through OAHA (Order of the Arrow High Adventure) you get to spend TWO weeks on the National Adventure Base of your choice and the Section will cover your registration for the program. To find out more about the OAHA programs click here.  If you have any questions you can contact us here. (Section NE-4B OAHA Scholarship Application)

Why YOU Should Attend OA High Adventure

Why should one attend OA High Adventure(OAHA)? Read these articles from the two 2015 OAHA Section Scholarship recipients and check out http://adventure.oa-bsa.org/ for more information on Northern Tiers Wilderness Voyage and all of the other great programs one can attend threw the Order of the Arrow!

“I had such a wonderful time at my OA Wilderness Voyage trip. I really enjoyed all of the time spent away from modern living and technology, cooking on an open fire every evening, drinking lake water which is so much better than regular water, and meeting some of the best guys ever who I have no doubt will be some of my lifelong friends. Nothing I have done in my scouting career has been as great of an experience as the time I got to spend up there in the Boundary Waters.”

— Aaron Coffman, NE-4B Secretary (2015 Scholarship recipient)

“OA Wilderness Voyage is by far my favorite scouting memory. Throughout the course of a two week journey, I was able to see over 150 miles of some of the most breath taking scenery in the nation. It was a great feeling to be able to give back to the Boundary Waters through our work on the portage trails. I also had a chance to meet Arrowmen from every corner of America and build life-long friendships. OA Wilderness Voyage for me has truly been a life changing experience.”

— William Moats, Wagion Lodge 6 Communications Chairman (2015 Scholarship recipient)